Directed by:Lal Jr.

Written by:Suvin S. Somasekharan

Produced by:Naveen Yerneni,Y. Ravi Shankar,

Allan Antony,Anoop Venugopal

Starring:Tovino Thomas,Divya Pillai,Balu Varghese,Suresh Krishna,Soubin Shahir,Shine Tom Chacko,Indrans,,Anoop Menon,Bhavana


Edited by:Ratheesh Raj

Music by:Yakzan Gary Pereira,Neha Nair

Productioncompanies: Godspeed Cinema,Mythri Movie Makers

Distributed by:Aan Mega Media

Release date:3 May 2024


Nadikar  is a Malayalam-language film directed by Lal Jr. and written by Suvin S. Somasekharan. Jointly produced by Godspeed Cinema and Mythri Movie Makers, the film stars Tovino Thomas, Divya Pillai, Soubin Shahir, Balu Varghese, Suresh Krishna, and Bhavana. The film follows the life of a superstar who is going through a rough patch.

Despite having a lot of potential in terms of story, Nadikar, failed miserably which came out under the direction of Lal Jr. ItΒ  is a product that has been completely ruined by poor execution , flaws in the writing and unnecessary drama. Laziness in writing and inaccuracies in spot dubbing tested the audience’s patience right from the start.Unnecessary drama, action scenes, and nude baths inserted into the movie also raise the question of whether there is a purpose in the movie.The lip lock scene had no need in the movie.

On the other hand, the movie fell apart even when Tovino Thomas gave his heart and soul to David Padikkal. Bhavana had nothing to do beyond being a cameo. Chandu’s performance in the second half and Tovino’s chemistry with Soubin are the only things worth mentioning. A bit of relief is the music and the background score.

There is no doubt that Nadikar will rank with Honey bee 2 as the weakest work of director Lal Jr.’s career.


Costly Misfire !!