Directed by:Dijo Jose Antony

Written by:Sharis Mohammed

Produced by:Listin Stephen

Starring:Nivin Pauly,Dhyan Sreenivasan,Anaswara Rajan,Shine Tom Chacko

Cinematography:Sudeep Elamon

Edited by:Sreejith Sarang

Music by:Jakes Bejoy

Production company: Magic Frames

Distributed by:Magic Frames

Release date:1 May 2024


Malayalee from India is a Malayalam-language political satire thriller film directed by Dijo Jose Antony starring Nivin Pauly, Dhyan Sreenivasan and Anaswara Rajan in lead roles.The film was first announced in December 2023 and was released on May 1st, 2024.

After the hits Queen and Jana Gana Mana, when director Dijo Jose comes up with another film, it is natural that expectations are raised. Nivin Pauly, who is devastated by consecutive failures, needs a win. But in the third directorial, Dijo has turned expectations upside down and given the worst film of his career. From the very beginning of the film, everything that is touched goes wrong, and the situations created for comedy fail miserably. The political conversation between the divine god and the Muslim woman in the first half is reminiscent of religious harmony photoshoots, but it works .Except that, the first half is a fusion of social media comments.On the other hand, Interval reminded me of The Goat Life, and only 10 minutes of the climax part give a little life to the film, which is dead in the second half.

The film was half-baked in the first half itself, so that we could not even discuss the performances of the stars or the technical aspects. Despite the performance, Nivin Pauly was physically exhausted. It was visible on the screen in all the running scenes. The background music is good, but it doesn’t make much of an impact due to the lack of elevated scenes. Dijo can’t overcome writing flaws over making and The film turned out to be a terrible failure.


Half-baked lecturing about the current political scenario and emotionally connected climax works, but that’s not enough to save the whole movie.