Directed by:Jithu Madhavan

Written by:Jithu Madhavan

Produced by:Nazriya Nazim,Anwar Rasheed,Fahadh Faasil

Starring:Fahad Faasil

Cinematography:Sameer Thahir

Edited by:Vivek Harshan

Music by:Sushin Shyam

Production companies:Anwar Rasheed Entertainment,Fahadh Faasil and Friends

Distributed by:A & A Release

Release date:11 April 2024


Aavesham  is a   Malayalam-language action comedy film directed by Jithu Madhavan. The film is jointly produced by Nazriya Nazim, Fahad Faasil and Anwar Rasheed. It stars Fahadh Faasil in the title role with a supporting cast of Ashish Vidyarthi, Sajin Gopu and Mansoor Ali Khan. Sameer Thahir is the film’s cinematographer, and has music composed by Sushin Shyam.

The story is about relationship between malayali college students and famous gangster Ranga. It all happensΒ  in Bangalore.It is easy for a viewer to fit into this small world of diverse characters, who all stand out in their own way, with their unique brand of craziness. For anyone who has been in that city around this period, the world that the film creates is quite relatable. With its organic flow and uncomplicated scenarios, it might look like an easy script to write, but to pull something off so seamlessly, the writer has to have a clear understanding of what would work on the screen and what to leave out. To director Jithu’s credit, almost everything works like a charm here.Β 

Director Jithu Madhavan has packed quite a punch with his second film, β€œAavesham”. Being true to its name, the film does give you the excitement it promises. The best part is that it doesn’t offer the typical excitement you might expect from a film of the genre. The comedy and hero characterization here surpasses the other elements, but things fall beautifully into place.

Aavesham, What happens around it often evokes uproarious laughter. One reason for this is how the director, who also scripted the film, has conceived the scenarios. The other being some top-notch comic performances from the entire cast, with impeccable timing.

The casting was superb, and every actor did a very good job. Someone who lives with friends separately can relate to the film due to the actors’ neat and natural performances. But the best among all would certainly be Fahadh faasil. His impactful performance is the major highlight of Aavesham. The character Ranga is surely the once in a life character for fahadh and served feast for theatre vibe audience.

Sushin Shyam has created songs and background score that gel with the fun- mass mood of the whole film.Β Sameer thahir camera as usual creates magic on screen and clearly makes vibe with sushin’s background score .

Chetan dzouza’s action blocks are terrific in screen and store some exciting factors in every action blocks. The climax banger is surely the one of the best thing happened in mollywood action genre. 

On he whole,The first hour starts with a slow note , picked up after Fahadh faasil entry and ends with an adrenaline Pumping interval block.The second hour has a few engaging scenes thanks to the performances of the actors.  There are a few subtle comedy scenes that are nicely executed and the banger climax stands out .


Pure theatre vibe mass entertainer !!