Directed by: Vysakh

Written by:Midhun Manuel Thomas

Produced by:Mammootty

Starring:Mammootty,Raj B. Shetty,Sunil,Anjana Jayaprakash

Cinematography:Vishnu Sarma

Edited by:Shameer Muhammed

Music by:Christo Xavier

Production company:Mammootty Kampany

Release date:23 May 2024


Turbo is a Malayalam-language action comedy film directed by Vysakh, written by Midhun Manuel Thomas and produced by Mammootty under Mammootty Kampany.The film stars Mammootty in titular role, alongside Raj B. Shetty, Sunil in their debuts in Mollywood, along with Anjana Jayaprakash in a prominent role.The music was composed by Christo Xavier, while Vishnu Sarma and Shameer Muhammed handled the cinematography and editing respectively.

Expectations are natural when Mammootty comes up with an action entertainer after a while. When Mammootty’s company’s production and director, Vysakh, are together, it is only natural to hope that Mammootty’s career, which is at its peak, will be fueled. Mithun Manuel Thomas’s script, from the beginning to the end, did not hold any big surprises. When the proceedings became predictable and templated, the dominance of the action scenes and Mammootty increased over the script.

The intro action set piece was a complete mega-show for the fans. Later on, many comedy parts were misfires and also reminded me of scenes from many movies that he had seen before.Mammootty-Bindu Panicker’s chemistry and emotional angle work. ‘ Raj B. Shetty’s villain role was destined to be a piece piece in the templated villain framework, and he was shouting regular’I hate cliches’.

The chase scenes in the second half and the hero’s dominance over the villain and the proceedings are something we have seen in previous Tamil-Telugu mass formula films. Action scenes are very stylishly and intensively executed by Phoenix prabhu. The climax action scenes and the intro action scene have also been visually drawn by the cameraman, Vishnu Sharma.

While director Vysakh brings out the skill of preparing action scenes, the Vysakh trademark moments are few in the film. Christo Xavier did not create a memorable music set piece except for the intro action and climax action. The lead-up to the second part and the surprise voice cameo turned out to be wet crackers.

Turbo , that feels average as a mass-action entertainer. Despite having powerhouse Mammootty and terrific action blocks, the movie is not beneficial only because the template is a script that should have been brought ten years ago. Turbo reminds us that a good mass entertainer cannot be made just by putting action scenes in a row.


Powerful Mammootty and Action.. Powerless Script!!