Directed by:Jeo Baby

Written by:Adarsh Sukumaran,Paulson Skaria

Produced by:Mammootty Kampany


Cinematography:Salu K. Thomas

Edited by:Francies Louis

Music by:Mathews Pulickan

Production company:Mammootty Kampany

Distributed by:Wayfarer Films

Release date:23 November 2023


Kaathal ā€“ The Core is a Malayalam-language drama film,] directed by Jeo Baby and written by Adarsh Sukumaran and Paulson Skaria. Produced by Mammootty Kampany, the film stars Mammootty and Jyothika.

When it is said that cinema is a reflection of society, there should also be a reflection of the change in society reflected in cinema,Kaathal is such a reward. The film deals with a very sensitive but socially relevant subject. Director Jeo Baby deserves applause for presenting a subject that can be broken down into a few layers in a perfect equation, and the role played by writers Adarsh-Paulson for the said Himalayan task is not small. Especially the last 30 minutes. It is because of the power of writing that the twist and turns ,complicated situations in the story is conceived beautifully in unpredictable manner. Mathew pulickan’s music is a bridge of communication between the film and the audience, and the film speaks more visually than dialogue.

Mathews can be described as the milestone character in Mammootty’s career. Even in his 70s, he was busy experimenting with characters, making Malayalam cinema stand tall in front of other language films. The movie answers the question of why Jyothika came to Malayalam cinema, and the answer is how to say no to such a script.

Sudhi Kozhikode’s Thangan is the wing of the movie, It is noteworthy that the central characters Mammootty and Sudhi have been effective on screen without meeting each other. Sudhi may be seen in more Malayalam movies in the coming times. He deserves a better place in Mollywood.

While technically and content-wise strong, Kaathal-The core often does not adhere to the framework of commercial cinema with slow narration. Especially the first half. Even if it doesn’t take much time to create the plot, the first half is a shackle to the box-office potential; the second half is paced by the changes in the story line. Let’s hope that the neglect of the family audience towards bold movies can be overcome with the content.


Progress in society should also be reflected in the cinema. Reflecting.. Kudos to the team, Mammooty& Mammootty kampany. An out-of-the box product!