Directed by:Nithish Sahadev

Written by:Nithish Sahadev,Sanjo Joseph

Produced by:Lakshmi Warrier,Ganesh Menon,Amal Paulson

Starring:Basil Joseph,Jagadish,Manju Pillai

Cinematography:Bablu Aju

Edited by:Nidhin Raj Arol

Music by:Vishnu Vijay

Production companies:Cheers Entertainments,Sooper Dooper Films

Release date:17 November 2023

Falimy is a  Malayalam-language drama film written and directed by Nithish Sahadev in his directorial debut.The film stars Basil Joseph, Jagadish and Manju Pillai.

Basil Joseph is the main topic of the social media discussions regarding the vacant family hero title in recent Malayalam cinema, but director Basil Joseph is moving forward in search of heights with his directorial flicks. But his presence was present in all the recent family hits in Malayalam cinema. After watching the movie Falimy, the audience will understand that the said discussions will gain more power.

From the very first frame, the director Nithish sahadev tells the story in a very simple and thought-provoking manner, wrapped in comedy. The performances of the lead cast,Meenaraj palluruthy,sandeep pradeep,Jagadish, Basil Joseph, and Manjupillai, are fueled by the said journey. Vishnu Vijay joins the ride by creating a flow for the journey and providing the apt and best music.

Family emotions, light situational comedies, and less than 2 hours of running time are assets to the movie.The speed and the abrupt ending towards the climax are a little off, but don’t mind…Enjoyment Not affected.


A delightful family entertainer!