Language : Malayalam
Release date: 4th November 2022
Starring: Sidharth Bharathan, Swasika, Alencier
Directed by: Sidharth bharathan
Produced by: Sidharth Bharathan, George sandiago, Jamnesh thayyil, Vineeth ajith
Music by: Prasanth pillai
Cinematography :Pradeesh varma
Edited by :Deepu joseph

Chathuram is a Malayalam movie ,directed by Sidharth Bharathan and will feature Swasika Vijay, Roshan Mathew, Alencier Ley Lopez and Leona Lishoy as lead characters. Other popular actor who was roped in for Chathuram is Jaffer Idukki.

What works

Chathuram, Constructed as an erotic drama. It is an attempt to revive a genre that has disappeared in Malayalam cinema. The movie tells the familiar plot in an erotic mood. In the first half, Chathuram was filled with erotic scenes that are not familiar to Malayali audiences.

The movie gives serial actress Swasika a strong and controversial role and she nailed it. I can’t say Roshan Mathew‘s best but it was a good performance.

What doesn’t not work

One of the shortcomings of the Chathuram is that erotic scenes are more important than the story of the movie. The film is going backwards in quality due to the forgotten story premise and dragging storytelling. Two or three flawless twists in the climax just didn’t have the capability to elevate the film. The fact that the film offers nothing to appeal to the family audience kills the film’s box office potential.


Slow pace erotic drama, work towards the end!!