Directed by: Rahul Sadasivan
Screenplay by:Rahul Sadasivan,T. D. Ramakrishnan (Dialogues)
Story by; Rahul Sadasivan
Produced by:Chakravarthy Ramachandra,S. Sashikanth
Starring:Mammootty,Amalda Liz,Arjun Ashokan,Sidharth Bharathan
Cinematography:Shehnad Jalal
Edited by:Shafique Mohammed Ali
Music by: Christopher Xavier
Production companies:Night Shift Studios, Yot Studios
Distributed by: An Mega Media (Kerala), AP International (Rest of India), and Truth Global Films(Overseas).

Bramayugam is a Malayalam-language horror thriller film, directed by Rahul Sadasivan and jointly produced by Night Shift Studios and YNOT Studios. The film stars Mammootty, alongside Amalda Liz, Arjun Ashokan, and Sidharth Bharathan.

Rahul Sadashivan Bramayugam is based on 17th-century beliefs like Maadan, Chathan, Marutha, and Yakshi. The black-and-white set-up chosen to mark the 17th century and the horror mood were somewhat successful, but not all audiences could embrace that set-up. The first appreciation is for the art director who marked the 17th century and Mana,the old house. The skill of art direction can be seen in every pillar, rust, and vessel of Mana.

The villain invited the hero into his mana and took the audience as well. With the camera angles, Shehnad jalal keeps Just like the protagonist is trapped inside the mana, the audience is also trapped inside the mana. Heavy rain and situations are related due to sound mixing skills. The director has used the performer Mammootty to the fullest extent, creating a unique villain role among limited characters. That is what sustains the Bramayugam. The movie also witnessed the career-best roles of Arjun Ashokan and Siddharth Barathan.

Rahul has made an excellent mystery thriller by combining the creeds of ancient Kerala. However, the film suffers from some flaws. The slow pace is the first one. Enjoyment of the movie with only limited characters..pace hurts the quality. Flat narration in the first half and legth are another drawback of the movie.A shorter runtime and a tighter narrative could have enhanced the film’s impact. Mammootty was not used much in the climax and turned out to be a normal cliched ending, Another weakness of the film was that the mystery elements were given importance without giving more concentration to the horror elements.

The average viewer may not digest the 2:1 screen ratio and black-and-white version setup. Bramayugam is not a film that can be acceptable to all types of audiences.


A technically superior, slow-paced mystery thriller offers a terrific character arch for the antagonist, Mammootty. Not everyone’s cup of tea.