Director :Anand Ekarshi

Story: Anand Ekarshi

Dialogue :Anand Ekarshi

Cinematography: Anurudh Aneesh 

Editor: Mahesh Bhuvanend 

Music: Basil C J

Producer :Dr Ajith Joy

Release date: 5 January 2024

Aattam is a Malayalam movie written and directed by Anand Ekarshi. The movie features Vinay Fort, Zarin Shihab and Kalabhavan Shajon in the lead roles.The film is produced by Dr. Ajith Joy under the banner of Joy Movie Productions. Anurudh Aneesh managed the cinematography, Mahesh Bhuvanend is in charge of editing, and Basil C J composed the music

Cinema interacts with the audience when it becomes a mirror of the social situation. Artistically and politically, “Aattam” aims to achieve these with thought-provoking debates. With 12 male characters and one female character, the film does not venture into many locations, yet it succeeds in keeping the audience hooked from the very first moment. Driven by debates and opinions, the film succeeds in slowly building up the tension. It is a reflection of society when it is an expression of opinion from 12 life situations of 12 people.

The strength of the writing is not small in presenting the most socially relevant subject in such a strong way; the director Anand Ekarshi has succeeded in reflecting the scenes on the paper on the screen. Cameraman Anurudh aneesh also excelled at capturing the emotions of the characters in low locations.

Apart from the above factors, the performance of the artists is the main attraction of the film. There is no doubt that zarin shihab, after her role as a nurse in Family Man, got her best performance to date through Aaattam. Vinay Forrt, Shajon, and some debut actors in the drama troupe with impeccable performances The film is getting stronger.

A crime and its aftereffects are portrayed with With drama, investigation, politics, a socially relevant theme, and a thought-provoking climax , “Aattam” gives a good start to Malayalam cinema in 2024.


Art is in top form!!